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The Ruby community existed before the association. We had several events such as Rails Girls Brussels, BRUG, or the Ruby Burgers. In November 2014, Christophe, Hannes, Joren, Oana, and Yannick agreed that all those events need a better framework, especially to manage the money. After discussions, they founded Ruby Belgium, that was officially created the 18th May 2015.

The first board was composed by the founders: Christophe Philemotte, Hannes Fostie, Joren de Groof, Oana Sipos, and Yannick Schutz.

A new board took place in March 2018, composed by a mix of experience and youth. The aim would be to build on what the first board has created. By relaunching the activities that made Ruby Belgium's success and by growing the community as Ruby is the perfect entrance for beginners in code. This new board was composed by: Stan Boyet, Martin Van Aken, Silvana Precup, Laszlo Arnould, Tiago Mendes-Costa, Ana Sere and Sandjiv Parassouramanaick.

Now the asbl is no more the community still exists through slack and ruby burgers.

We love open-source

All the code used for the organisation projects is open and thus freely accessible. Have a look:

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